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September 30, 2012

Many Iraq, Afghanistan war veterans choosing 'second service'

By Allen G. Breed
AP National Writer
Published: September 30, 2012

RALEIGH, N.C. -- The link between U.S. military service and running for office is as old as the republic itself. It started with George Washington, who famously wrote that, "When we assumed the Soldier, we did not lay aside the Citizen."

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Marines recruiting online amid greater need

By Gina Harkins - Staff writer
Posted : Sunday Sep 30, 2012 10:50:32 EDT

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. — A quick look at some of the ways the Marine Corps is reaching out to new prospects shows the Corps is firmly in step with the times.

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September 29, 2012

In southern Afghanistan, concerns about what comes next

By Kevin Sieff, Published: September 29

GARMSIR, AFGHANISTAN — On the wall of his office in this district’s U.S. Marine headquarters, where other commanding officers might display photos of children and wives, Capt. Devin Blowes keeps a roster of bearded men whose names he’s recently learned to pronounce.

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September 28, 2012

A country song about PTSD: 'All you've got left are these pieces'

By Bill Briggs, NBC News contributor
September 28, 2012

Everything you see in the music video happened to Marine-turned-country-singer Stephen Cochran: Pushing the girl away, boozing into oblivion, the gun on the blanket. It all went down last year.

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Stocked up, moving out: mobile post exchange serves Marines anywhere

9/28/2012 By Cpl. Timothy Lenzo , Combat Logistics Battalion

FORWARD OPERATING BASE JACKSON, Afghanistan — The mobile exchange is a service civilians might not know about, but to Marines serving in Afghanistan, it is something to look forward to.

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September 27, 2012

SecDef: Terrorists behind U.S. Consulate attack

By Robert Burns - The Associated Press
Posted : Thursday Sep 27, 2012 17:20:29 EDT

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday there can be no doubt that terrorists had planned and carried out the attack on the U.S. Consulate in eastern Libya two weeks ago that killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans.

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Military absentee voting picks up

By Karen Jowers - Staff writer
Posted : Thursday Sep 27, 2012 17:08:23 EDT

With little more than a month to go before the election, activity has picked up among military community voters overseas.

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Marines shift focus as drawdown hits milestone

By Dan Lamothe - Staff writer
Posted : Thursday Sep 27, 2012 10:49:03 EDT

The Marine Corps has completed the next significant phase of its force drawdown in Afghanistan, potentially setting the stage for 2013 to be the last year with a sizeable Marine involvement in Helmand province

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Peleliu Amphibious Ready Group resupplies, relaxes in Hawaii

9/27/2012 By Lance Cpl. Timothy Childers , 15th MEU

ABOARD USS RUSHMORE — After spending a week at sea, Marines and sailors aboard the USS Rushmore, part of the USS Peleliu Amphibious Ready Group, were given a break when they arrived at U.S. Naval Station Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Many took the opportunity to relax on Hawaiian beaches or shop for souvenirs before continuing on their Western Pacific deployment.

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Marine Recalls Camp Bastion Attack

By Marine Corps Sgt. James Mercure
Regional Command Southwest

AFGHANISTAN, Sept. 27, 2012 – “There was blood down my leg after I got shot,” recalled Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Ethan Burk, who was present during the Sept. 14 insurgent night attack on Camp Bastion here in Helmand province.

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Marine Corps Times to embed in Afghanistan in October

September 27th, 2012 | Afghanistan Camp Leatherneck Embedded journalism Infantry | Posted by Dan Lamothe

It’s that time again: Marine Corps Times is heading back to the Sandbox.

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September 26, 2012

Gas station in the sky - 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit pushes the range of amphibious reach with aerial refueling capability

Story by Capt. Robert Shuford | 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit | Date: 09.26.2012

U.S. 5th FLEET AREA OF RESPONSIBILITY – When most people think of amphibious operations they still garner visions of World War II-era assaults on heavily defended beaches. This couldn’t be farther from the truth for the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit.

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September 25, 2012

Always remembered, never forgotten: Marines honor fallen brothers

By Cpl. Mark Garcia, Regional Command Southwest
Sep 25, 2012 - 6:53:32 PM

CAMP BASTION, Afghanistan – Hundreds of Marines gathered to honor the lives of two fallen comrades killed during the attack on Camp Bastion, Sept. 14.

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Pendleton infantrymen honor the fallen

2nd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment returned from Afghanistan

Written by
Gretel C. Kovach
3:48 p.m., Sept. 24, 2012
Updated 10:54 a.m. , Sept. 25, 2012

A Camp Pendleton infantry battalion that returned this month from Afghanistan will hold a memorial ceremony Friday to mourn the dead.

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Marine’s family hopes Iran will release him

By Elisha Anderson - Detroit Free Press via AP
Posted : Tuesday Sep 25, 2012 8:04:40 EDT

DETROIT — A Flint, Mich., family whose son has been imprisoned in Iran for more than a year is hoping that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will hear about his situation while visiting the U.S. this week and arrange the release of Amir Hekmati.

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Corps Introduces Changes to Deployment Training

Sep 25, 2012
Military.com| by Bryant Jordan

A decade of war has the Marine Corps implementing a change that will see collective battalion- and squadron-level training for Marines headed off to the combat theater.

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September 24, 2012

'It makes you appreciate America'

Marine reflects on recent tour of Afghanistan

By Angeljean Chiaramida STAFF WRITER
September 24, 2012

SEABROOK — Sitting in her grandmother’s living room, petite and pretty Sara Adams looks nothing like the typical “leatherneck.”

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Get a taste of Marine boot camp

Invitation by MCRD to take on 3-mile obstacle course

Written by
Nathan Max
12:01 a.m., Sept. 24, 2012

Anyone looking for the Marine Corps experience without the commitment of enlisting or the danger of ducking bullets will have the chance Saturday morning.

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Corps changes deployment training

9/24/2012 By Lance Cpl. Lauren Kurkimilis , 7th Marine Regiment

MARINE CORPS AIR GROUND COMBAT CENTER TWENTY NINE PALMS, Calif. — Since 2001, the Combat Center has provided comprehensive and collaborative training for combat operations in the Middle East. Training exercises have evolved from the Combined Arms Exercise to what is known today as Enhanced Mojave Viper.

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Running toward gunfire: Marines, British forces repel insurgents attacking Camp Bastion

9/24/2012 By Sgt. John Jackson , Marine Attack Squadron 211

CAMP BASTION, Afghanistan —
Sgt. Rasheem Thomas never thought his first night working on Camp Bastion would turn into a gun battle with 15 insurgents.

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Australian Army, US Marines combine arms during urban operations

9/24/2012 By Cpl. Jacob D. Barber , 3rd Marine Regiment

MOUNT BUNDY TRAINING AREA, Northern Territory, Australia — Marines were positioned and camouflaged throughout a tree line. They waited patiently for their Australian partners to arrive before executing an assault at the urban operations training facility at Mount Bundy Training Area, Northern Territory, Australia, Sept. 5.

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Bush hosts golf tourney for wounded military

By Jamie Stengle - The Associated Press
Posted : Monday Sep 24, 2012 9:33:50 EDT

IRVING, Texas — As former President George W. Bush kicked off a golf tournament for wounded members and veterans of the U.S. military Monday, he said the event was not only a chance to watch good golf, but also “a celebration of patriotism, courage and sacrifice.”

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Dress for success, professionalism from assaulting breaches to sun bathing

Story by Lance Cpl. Scott Whiting | Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune | Date: 09.24.2012

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - Carrying the title of Marine brings great responsibility. It means working, living, eating, behaving and even dressing in a different way than people in other services and occupations.

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September 23, 2012

A Marine's Death Brings Together His Dad and His Battlefield Buddy

Updated September 23, 2012, 2:43 p.m. ET

HOOVER, Ala.—Two years ago, Matthew Proctor dropped to his knees in the Afghan dirt and watched his best friend bleed to death.

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Marine memorial in Lebanon provides closure

241 service members died in 1983 Beirut barracks bombing

By Kent Miller - Staff writer
Posted : Sunday Sep 23, 2012 10:42:21 EDT

Shortly after he arrived in Lebanon in 2011, John A. Dalziel, the FBI’s assistant legal attaché to the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, woke up early one morning and made his way to a parking lot by the airport. Sunrise was still 26 minutes away as he surveyed the scene — the large empty lot, a fence near some trees, a few remnants of a large building.

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Expeditionary armory keeps mission readiness

Story by Lance Cpl. Timothy Childers | 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit | Date: 09.22.2012

USS PELELIU, At Sea - With more than 1, 200 Marines from the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit aboard the USS Peleliu, the MEU’s armory is at full capacity. Ensuring the weapons are secure and in operable condition, armourers, electric optical ordinance repair technicians and armory custodians work around the clock.

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Even in retirement, Marine dog clears yards of IEDs

By Jerry Wofford
Tulsa World, Okla.
Published: September 23, 2012

When Coal got to Biscuit Acres Dog Park for the first time earlier this month, he immediately sniffed out the perimeter.

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Reading program unites deployed servicemembers to families back home

Story by Cpl. John Robbart III | 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit | Date: 09.23.2012

AT SEA -During their Western Pacific deployment, the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit is participating in a program that links its Marines and sailors to their loved ones back home.

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September 22, 2012

Slain Marine commander’s actions in Afghanistan called heroic

By Ernesto Londoño, Published: September 22

Lt. Col. Christopher K. Raible was heading home to video-chat with his wife after dinner when the first blasts rang out. The pops in the distance on Sept. 14 at Camp Bastion in southern Afghanistan were harbingers of the most audacious Taliban attack on a major NATO base in the decade-long war.

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September 21, 2012

Camp Lejeune Marine earned Swain award by helping Afghans

By Rusty Dennen
The Free Lance-Star, Fredericksburg, Va.
Published: September 21, 2012

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — Marine Lance Cpl. Lauren Kohls can't talk much about her work in military intelligence, but others will be happy to do it tonight.

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Marine Corps Times: Win a Kindle in our first Family Essay Contest

Write an essay — win a Kindle

Posted : Friday Sep 21, 2012 14:40:15 EDT

The ties that bind a military family are unlike any other. In an upcoming collectible magazine tribute — “Love and Honor: Service, Commitment and the Military Family — those indelible relationships will come to life in a portrait of devotion to duty, service and loved ones in uniform, told in family members’ own words.

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September 20, 2012

Last of 33,000 Surge Troops Leave Afghanistan

By Luis Martinez
Sep 20, 2012 8:46pm

The last of the 33,000 American surge troops sent to Afghanistan two years ago have left the battlefields of Afghanistan, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta said.

With the departure of the last of the surge troops, there are now 68,000 American troops in Afghanistan.

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Warrior competition pits U.S. Marines against each other in mountains of Djibouti

Story by Staff Sgt. Robert Fisher | 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit | Date: 09.16.2012
Date Posted: 09.20.2012 04:19

DJIBOUTI – Marines with the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit concluded a three-week training package in Djibouti Sept. 16, 2012, with a five-day competition designed to test everything they learned while ashore.

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‘America’s Battalion’ unwinds through battalion Olympics

Story by Cpl. Marco Mancha | 2nd Marine Division | Date: 09.20.2012

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - Second Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, gave their weathered camouflage utilities a week-long break to carry out a battalion size Olympics promoting unit cohesion and competitive spirits.

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September 19, 2012

Ability to relax allows recruits success in water survival basic

By Lance Cpl. Bridget M. Keane | Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego | September 19, 2012

SAN DIEGO -- The fourth week of every training cycle aboard Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego is dedicated to swim qualification. Water survival basic is a graduation requirement that teaches recruits how to survive in an aquatic environment using different strokes and techniques while wearing a full utility uniform and pair of combat boots.

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A Little-Known Benefit for Aging Veterans

September 19, 2012

Here’s a riddle: When is a government benefit that pays for caregivers, assisted living and a nursing home not a benefit? When hardly any people know they’re entitled to it.

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Zero-gravity treadmill helping injured recruits heal faster

Military turns to Alter-G treadmil
Michael Chen
Posted 6:37 PM, Sep 19, 2012

SAN DIEGO - New numbers obtained by 10News reveal a change in philosophy about injuries is paying dividends at military boot camp.

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September 18, 2012

Resources for those with traumatic brain injuries

Story by Pfc. Joshua Grant | Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune | Date: 09.18.2012

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - Improvised explosive devices are a threat to every service member fighting overseas. For those who have faced them, IEDs can leave wounds everyone can see.

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September 17, 2012

26th MEU Train with AT-4

Video by Gunnery Sgt. Michael Kropiewnicki | 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit | Date: 09.17.2012

Marines assigned to the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), train with the AT-4 light anti-armor weapon during a familiarization and live fire exercise at Fort Pickett, Va., Sept. 17, 2012.

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Recruits carry on Marine Corps customs

By Cpl. Eric C. Quintanilla | Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego | September 19, 2012

MCRD San Diego --

“Good morning sir! Good morning ma’am!” can be heard throughout Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego as recruits greet all they encounter.

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USS Peleliu Amphibious Group Leaves for Seven Month Deployment (Pictures)

Posted by Kellee Hearther on September 17, 2012

The USS Peleliu and the USS Green Bay make their way out of the channel and into the Pacific for a seven month deployment.

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Peleliu deploys

September 17, 2012 2:22 p.m.

Some 4,000 Sailors and Marines departed Monday morning on the Peleliu ARG/15th MEU for the Western Pacific and the Arabian Sea/CENTCOM.

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Philippines modernizing to accommodate Corps

By Gidget Fuentes - Staff writer
Posted : Monday Sep 17, 2012 11:40:59 EDT

As talk intensifies concerning new Marine rotations to the Philippines, the Philippine military is realigning and modernizing to accommodate plans for expanded interaction with U.S. forces.

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Marines, sailors execute mass casualty exercise

9/17/2012 By Cpl. Kyle N. Runnels , 26th MEU

FORT PICKETT, Va. — The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit conducted a mass casualty training event at Fort Pickett, Va., as part of their pre-deployment training program Sept. 14.

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September 16, 2012

Pendleton Marines trained in rescue efforts leave for Middle East

Tony Perry
September 16, 2012 | 12:12 pm

Fresh from training on how to rescue Americans from hostile mobs in foreign countries, Marines from the Camp Pendleton-based 15th Expeditionary Unit are set to leave Monday for the western Pacific and Middle East.

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Love, pride shine bright at Marine's graduation

[email protected]
Published Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thanks to David Reuis of Barnwell for sharing the story of a special day in his family: the day he watched his brother Jeremy become a Marine.

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September 15, 2012

Base attackers wore U.S. camo, destroyed jets

The Associated Press
Posted : Saturday Sep 15, 2012 21:46:09 EDT

WASHINGTON — Coalition military authorities in Afghanistan on Saturday said the insurgents who attacked a British airfield in southwestern Afghanistan on Friday, killing two U.S. Marines, wore U.S. Army uniforms and destroyed six Harrier fighter jets.

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PFC Michael A. Kane Jr.

PFC Michael A. Kane Jr. died Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012, in North Carolina. He was 19.

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September 14, 2012

Drawdown deployment: "We close this chapter so our sons don't have to finish the war"

September 14, 2012 8:08 AM

(CBS News) A final tour of duty for the last U.S. Marine battalion in Afghanistan begins this week. In a report that aired Friday on "CBS This Morning," CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor reported from the Mojave Desert, where some of the last American troops are finishing their training before deploying to Afghanistan to wrap up the American mission there. The men of the 2nd Battalion, 7th Marines are being deployed to handle Afghanistan's notoriously troubled Helmand Province. The battalion will face the region alone, just one-third of the amount of troops NATO deployed to manage province.

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Afghan war often forgotten ’til death hits home

By Adam Geller - The Associated Press
Posted : Friday Sep 14, 2012 8:58:13 EDT

Staring out the window of his pickup, slowly trailing the hearse bearing his brother’s body, Will Copes’ eyes blurred with tears. In a few minutes he and his brother would be home, back to a town preoccupied with the first week of school and plans for weekend barbecues. A place far removed from an unrelenting, but all too easily forgotten war.

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Official: Marine team sent to Yemen

By Lolita C. Baldor - The Associated Press
Posted : Friday Sep 14, 2012 11:01:39 EDT

WASHINGTON — An elite Marine rapid response team arrived in Yemen's capital Friday in the wake of violence and protests at the U.S. Embassy, the Pentagon said.

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2,200 Marines Begin Readiness Training on and Around Guam Starting Next TUESDAY.

Last Updated on Friday, 14 September 2012 14:28 Written by News Release Friday, 14 September 2012 14:24

Guam - Approximately 2,200 Marines and sailors of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit, embarked aboard ships of the Bonhomme Richard Amphibious Ready Group, are scheduled to conduct readiness training on Guam from September 18 to 25.

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Annual ‘Recon Challenge’ underway

By Gidget Fuentes
Posted : Friday Sep 14, 2012 17:49:55 EDT

OCEANSIDE, Calif. – Thirteen two-man teams from around the Marine Corps will tackle the surf, hills and shooting ranges of Camp Pendleton, Calif., tomorrow morning in a daylong timed competition to crown the fastest, if not toughest, reconnaissance team.

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Super Typhoon 17W (Sanba), # 14

By Dave Ornauer
Published: September 14, 2012

7 p.m. Friday, Sept. 14, Japan time: Very, very heartening to see people bustling hither and thither through the Foster commissary this afternoon. Took an hour for me to get what little needed to be done for the office, but I’ll venture to say the commissaries and PXs all around island made a KILLING on this day. And more shopping will likely be done Saturday in the storm’s run-up by those who haven’t done so (and why, oh, why have you not done so yet?).

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Super typhoon headed for Okinawa, South Korea

By the CNN Wire Staff
updated 6:57 AM EDT, Fri September 14, 2012

(CNN) -- A huge typhoon packing fierce winds is moving north toward the Japanese island of Okinawa and is projected to eventually hit the Korean Peninsula, where dozens of people were killed by a big storm last month.

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Marine unit heading to Sudan in wake of violence

The Associated Press
Published: September 14, 2012

WASHINGTON (AP) — A U.S. official says an elite Marine rapid response team is headed to Sudan in the wake of violence and protests against the embassy in Khartoum.

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Truck dedicated to fallen 3/5 Marines displayed for “Dark Horse” battalion

Story by Lance Cpl. Joseph Scanlan | 1st Marine Division | Date: 09.14.2012

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. —The parents of a fallen Marine displayed a restored vintage Chevrolet pickup truck, painted with a patriotic mural, for the Marines of 3rd Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment in a showcasing here, Sept. 13.

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September 13, 2012

Bank of America Asks Consumers to Join Them in Expressing Thanks to Military Service Members and Veterans This Fall

Multiple Opportunities to Show Support and Generate $1 Donations to Wounded Warrior Project™

Business WirePress Release: Bank of America – Thu, Sep 13, 2012 2:00 PM EDT


Continuing its long history of support for active members of the military, veterans, and their families, Bank of America has launched a campaign that will raise up to $250,000 for Wounded Warrior Project (WWP). Titled “Express Your Thanks,” the broad-ranging campaign asks consumers, employees and sports fans to make simple gestures of gratitude that will each generate a $1 donation from the Bank of America Charitable Foundation*. “Express Your Thanks” launched on September 11 and will continue until Veterans Day.

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Vote: it’s your voice

Story by Pfc. Joshua Grant | Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune | Date: 09.13.2012

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - More than 130 million Americans voted in the 2008 presidential election, but the number of active-duty Marines who voted was minimal.

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Embassies boost security after Libya attack

By Robert H. Reid - The Associated Press
Posted : Thursday Sep 13, 2012 15:49:59 EDT

BERLIN — U.S. embassies across the world ramped up security Thursday following an attack that killed the U.S. ambassador to Libya, as Muslims angry over an anti-Islam film stormed the U.S. mission in Yemen and clashed with police near the American mission in Cairo.

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9th Engineer Support Battalion Marines receive Bronze Star

9/13/2012 By Lance Cpl. Daniel Valle , III MEF
CAMP HANSEN, Japan — Captains Aaron F. Fisher and Christopher M. Kaprielian were awarded Bronze Star medals during a ceremony at the 9th Engineer Support Battalion physical training field at Camp Hansen Sept. 5.

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September 12, 2012

Thursday procession planned for Clermont Marine

8:46 PM, Sep. 12, 2012

BATAVIA — On Thursday, a procession will honor a Clermont County Marine who drowned shortly after completing basic training in South Carolina.

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Pentagon boosting security at U.S. embassies

By Jim Kuhnhenn - The Associated Press
Posted : Wednesday Sep 12, 2012 8:38:40 EDT

WASHINGTON — President Obama on Wednesday condemned attacks on a U.S. consulate in eastern Libya that killed the U.S. ambassador and three American members of his staff. He ordered increased security at U.S. diplomatic posts around the world.

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September 11, 2012

Marine surprises children in return from Afghanistan

By Stacy Moore, Hi-Desert Star
Posted: Tuesday, September 11, 2012 10:53 pm

YUCCA VALLEY — The children of a U.S. Marine deployed to Afghanistan got the surprise of a lifetime Friday, Sept. 7, when their dad walked into their classroom at Onaga Elementary School.

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Cop hunts down Marine’s stolen boot camp ring

By Bethany Crudele - Staff writer
Posted : Tuesday Sep 11, 2012 11:55:08 EDT

When Liam Riden’s home was burglarized last Christmas, a cherished piece of his Marine Corps past was stolen: the scarlet-and-gold ring he received upon completing boot camp at Parris Island, S.C., in 2006.

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September 11 remembered, service members pay respect 11 years later

Story by Cpl. Timothy Lenzo | Regional Command Southwest | Date: 09.11.2012

CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan – Service members from different branches and different countries gathered together on Camp Leatherneck by the flag pole. The low sun cast long shadows across the somber faces as the attendants came to remember the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

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11th anniversary ceremony of 9/11 begins in NY

The Associated Press
Published: September 11, 2012

NEW YORK (AP) — Americans paused again Tuesday to mark the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks with familiar ceremony, but also a sense that it's time to move forward after a decade of remembrance.

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Georgia native, corpsman serves country on first deployment

Story by Cpl. Mark Garcia | Regional Command Southwest | Date: 09.11.2012

COMBAT OUTPOST SHIR GHAZAY, Afghanistan – As a senior in high school, Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Ricky Lattimore made the decision to serve his country. One month after his May 2008 graduation, he was on his way to basic training.

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USS New York holds 9/11 remembrance ceremony

September 11, 2012, 12:34 p.m. ET
Associated Press

NORFOLK, Va. — Sailors and Marines aboard a warship forged with 7.5 tons of steel salvaged from the World Trade Center held a remembrance ceremony Tuesday for the victims of the Sept. 11 attacks, pledging on the ship's maiden deployment to do everything in their power to prevent another tragedy from happening.

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September 10, 2012

Triple-amputee veteran gets 'smart' home on September 11

By Katherine Dorsett Bennett, CNN
updated 6:53 PM EDT, Mon September 10, 2012

(CNN) -- While serving on an assignment in Afghanistan on October 23, 2010, Marine Cpl. Juan Dominguez landed on a buried bomb after slipping down an embankment and lost both of his legs and his right arm in an explosion.

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U.S. war game finds gaps in amphibious ops

By Christopher P. Cavas - Staff writer
Posted : Monday Sep 10, 2012 11:42:01 EDT

Conducting an amphibious assault on an enemy-controlled beach has always been one of the most complex forms of warfare. The Navy and Marine Corps together have successfully stormed more beaches than any team in history.

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1/1 Weapons, brothers in arms with ANA

Story by Cpl. Timothy Lenzo | Regional Command Southwest | Date: 09.10.2012

PATROL BASE DETROIT, Afghanistan – On the edge of Trek Nawa, an area between the Nawa and Marjah districts, stands a small patrol base where Marines and Afghan National Army soldiers come together and work side by side.

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Most pay for GI Bill they could get for free

Sep. 10, 2012 - 07:01AM | Last Updated: Sep. 10, 2012 - 07:01AM
By George Altman and Bethany Crudele | Staff writers

Did Uncle Sam charge you $1,200 for a benefit you can get for free? Probably.

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September 9, 2012

24th MEU Marines complete first week of training in Djibouti

Story by 2nd Lt. Joshua Larson | 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit | Date: 08.31.2012
Date Posted:09.09.2012 03:39

DJIBOUTI – Marines from the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit finished the first week of a Training Force package in Djibouti Aug. 31, the latest endeavor of the 24th MEU as it begins the sixth month of its current deployment.

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More than 1,400 US, allied Marines, soldiers build legacy in Florida

Story by Master Sgt. Chris Cox | Marine Forces Reserve | Date: 09.09.2012

CAMP BLANDING, Fla. - What do you get when you take hundreds of professionals from 9 different countries and put them in the same location? In the military, it’s called “multi-lateral partnership.”
Officially, it’s called Partnership of the Americas 2012.

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Taliban using Facebook to lure Aussie soldier

TALIBAN insurgents are posing as "attractive women" on Facebook to befriend coalition soldiers and gather intelligence about operations.

Anthony Deceglie, Katie Robertson
The Sunday Telegraph
September 09, 2012 12:00AM

Australian soldiers are given pre-deployment briefings about enemies creating fake profiles to spy on troops.

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September 8, 2012

Marine Lance Cpl. Richard Rivera of Oxnard dies in Afghanistan

The former high school football player, known to be the life of the party, dreamed of becoming a Marine and joined the Corps with five of his teammates.

By Sam Quinones, Los Angeles Times

September 8, 2012, 7:37 p.m.

When Marine Lance Cpl. Richard Rivera Jr. was sent to Afghanistan in the spring, his family was relieved to hear he'd be far from battle.

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Two generals will now lead rebalanced forces in Pacific, Middle East

By Gretel C. Kovach • U-T
12:01 a.m., Sept. 8, 2012
Updated 9:45 p.m. , Sept. 7, 2012

The Marine force overseeing about 57,000 troops at installations across Southern California welcomed a new leader Friday, when Lt. Gen. Thomas Waldhauser relinquished his command to Lt. Gen. John Toolan Jr.

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Marine academy for Afghan troops to close

Camp Leatherneck program is training Afghan instructors to take over

Written by
Gretel C. Kovach
1:44 p.m., Sept. 8, 2012

CAMP LEATHERNECK, Afghanistan — When a brigade of Marines moved into Helmand Province in 2009, they built a joint training center for Afghan forces aboard their rapidly expanding new strategic headquarters. Now after three years of operation and a surge of basic instruction for newly fielded police and soldiers, Joint Sustainment Academy Southwest is closing down.

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Marine drowning victim identified, called 'exemplary recruit'

[email protected]
Published Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jonathon A. Crawford of Clermont County, Ohio, was identified late Saturday as the Marine who drown off Hunting Island State Park on Friday afternoon.

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From Virginia to Afghanistan, Marine develops his own legacy

Story by Cpl. Timothy Lenzo | Regional Command Southwest | Date: 09.08.2012

PATROL BASE DETROIT, Afghanistan – The Marine Corps is filled with stories of young men and women looking for something different. They are brought together by a bond from the day they receive their Eagle, Globe and Anchor and officially earn the title of United States Marine.

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September 7, 2012

3rd CEB Marine earns Bronze Star

9/7/2012 By Lance Cpl. D. J. Wu , Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms

Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, Calif. — Capt. Anthony Bariletti, ground combat element academic officer, Marine Corps Tactics and Operations Group, received a Bronze Star Medal with combat distinguishing device during a ceremony at the MCTOG compound Aug. 31, 2012.

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26th MEU composites to a full Marine Air-Ground Task Force

Story by Cpl. Kyle N. Runnels | 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit | Date: 09.07.2012

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - The 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit command element acquired its three additional elements in order to become a complete Marine Air-Ground Task Force, 2,200 Marines and sailors strong, Sept. 7.

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Marine drowns off Hunting Island Beach

Posted: Sep 07, 2012 5:30 PM CDT Updated: Sep 07, 2012 11:31 PM CDT
By Alex Bender


According to authorities, a 19-year-old Marine from Ohio who had just graduated boot camp form Parris Island Friday morning later drowned off Hunting Island Beach around 4:45 p.m.

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West Virginia Marine awarded Bronze Star for heroic actions in combat

9/7/2012 By Lance Cpl. Phillip Clark , 2nd Marine Division

MARINE CORPS BASE CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. — The first thing Staff Sgt. Matthew E. Faircloth did once he regained consciousness after being shot in the head in a firefight in Afghanistan in 2011 was look at his family picture in the back of his Kevlar helmet. Never mind the blood gushing from the back of his head, he just wanted to make sure the one thing that kept him strong through his deployment was protected – a picture of his wife and three children.

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Military Working Dogs Homecoming

Video by Cpl. Daniel Wulz | II Marine Expeditionary Force | Date: 09.07.2012

Marines of 2nd Law Enforcement Battalion arrive at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune after concluding their deployment to Afghanistan, September 7, 2012.

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September 6, 2012

Illinois native bridges language, cultural barriers through Trek Nawa

9/6/2012 By Cpl. Timothy Lenzo , Headquarters Marine Corps

The Marines are down but not out. The late afternoon sun beats on them, and one Marine wipes sweat from his eyes. Across from them, their opponents smile, seemingly sensing the outcome. With the Olympics fresh in their minds, this is not simply a volleyball game, this is a matter of national pride.

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September 5, 2012

Marines receive Silver Stars for Afghan heroics

By Gina Harkins - Staff writer
Posted : Wednesday Sep 5, 2012 13:20:00 EDT

Two Marines have received the nation’s third-highest award for combat valor in recognition of their heroic actions during separate battles last year in Afghanistan.

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Stop Playing 'Modern Warfare' And See What A Real Marines Mission In Afghanistan Looks Like

Geoffrey Ingersoll | Sep. 5, 2012, 1:40 PM

I arrived in the middle of things, just after a hostile action on Afghan police headquarters. The word around camp was:

"Police Chief Wali Koka is officially tougher than Chuck Norris."

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September 3, 2012

Proper equipment saves Wisconsin Marine’s life

Story by Cpl. Timothy Lenzo | Regional Command Southwest | Date: 09.03.2012

PATROL BASE DETROIT, Afghanistan – Every day Marines put on their protective gear and put their lives in danger. They wear a heavy flak jacket, Kevlar helmet and fire retardant clothing. With temperatures reaching more than 130 degrees Fahrenheit, patrolling with all their gear can become tiresome, but there is one Marine who will not hear complaining about the extra weight.

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Father of fallen Marine chronicles loss of son in book

By Jim Carney
Akron Beacon Journal
Published: September 3, 2012

The ripple effects of losing a son in Iraq took the Warner family on a journey into darkness.

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Ready, Aim, Fire: scout snipers on target throughout Trek Nawa

Story by Cpl. Timothy Lenzo | Regional Command Southwest | Date: 09.03.2012

PATROL BASE DETROIT, Afghanistan – The Marine scout snipers are specialized, trained marksmen. Extensively trained in weapon systems, stalking, concealment and overall field skills, the Marines are able to adapt and run independently as small teams or while partnering with larger patrols.

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Marines overcome language barriers, teach ANA mortar systems

Story by Cpl. Timothy Lenzo | Regional Command Southwest | Date: 09.03.2012

PATROL BASE DETROIT, Afghanistan –Afghan National Army soldiers march in and form a semicircle around their Marine instructor. They pull out notepads and pencils and are already jotting down notes before the class even starts.

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September 2, 2012

Woodworkers give veterans proper burials

By Danny Valentine - Tampa Bay Times via The Associated Press
Posted : Sunday Sep 2, 2012 16:01:22 EDT

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Tom Jones was disturbed.

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Marines train Afghans to defend their own turf

By Dan Lamothe - Staff writer
Posted : Sunday Sep 2, 2012 10:31:04 EDT

With a mixture of brawn and brains, Marine special operators continue to push their way into villages in Afghanistan, setting up shop alongside Afghan special forces to train those living there to defend their own turf from the Taliban.

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September 1, 2012

The Way Ahead: Marines hand off war to Afghan troops

National forces still developing as U.S. draws down in Helmand province

Written by
Gretel C. Kovach
noon, Sept. 1, 2012

HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan — As about half the Marine force in Afghanistan headed home this year, the rapid drawdown in the violent southwest of the country cast the endgame of the war and what many regard as its precarious footing into relief — the handoff to Afghan national security forces.

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