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Future Marine Security Guards Train in Defense

MCB QUANTICO, Va. -- Four weeks into the course, Marine Security Guard students have been put to the test mentally and physically, enduring hours of in-class studies and field exercises, training in defense and weaponry.


By: Lance Cpl. Meloney R. Moses
(Installment 2 of a 6 part series)

‘‘I’m learning a lot of cool stuff and it’s going to be well worth it,” said Cpl. Nathan E. Diezman, a student at the MSG school here.

So far, students have been trained in defense, handcuffing and non-lethal expandable baton.

The handcuffing procedures are taught in standing and prone positions.

According to Staff Sgt. Matthew Kidder, a MSG School Assistant Operations Chief of the Marine Security Group, the prone position is the safest because it allows for more control of the detainee.

With defensive tactics, the students are taken out to the field and partnered to practice the techniques they learn.

Students learn basic baton techniques and then continue re-evaluations throughout the remainder of the course to help them retain what they have learned.

‘‘They must be able to meet the standards so they are able to perform the techniques correctly when they are faced with a problem,” Kidder said.

Similar to the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program, defense is taught so the Marines can better defend themselves as well as prevent incidents while guarding embassies.

‘‘Most of the Marines don’t come in knowing how to handcuff or defend themselves and in such a short time they have to gain expertise,” said Kidder. ‘‘I think defensive tactics is the hardest part.

As the students continue through this course they will face many written and physical tests. One of those tests will be a firearms qualification which could determine whether or not they continue on.

Look for more on MSG School in future editions of the Quantico Sentry.