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Marines begin Security Guard training

MARINE CORPS BASE QUANTICO, Va. — For more than 60 years Marines have been the main source of protection for about 125 American Embassies and U.S. government offices around the world.


11/13/2008 By Lance Cpl. Meloney R. Moses,

Trained out of the Marine Security Guard School here, Marines learn the fundamentals necessary to carry out their mission of securing embassies worldwide.

The MSG school is available to Marines who meet enrollment requirements. Marines must first familiarize themselves with Marine Corps Order 1326.6E, which explains that Marines must obtain a top secret clearance, have no tattoos visible in uniform, request orders to MSG and have a recommendation from their command.

Standard security guards or ‘‘watch standers,” are obligated to spend a total of three years in the program. They are enlisted Marines from E2-E5 who serve three separate yearlong tours and must be single with no dependants, according to chief instructor Master Sgt. Christopher A. McNeely.

Detachment commanders are enlisted Marines from E6-E8 who serve two, 16-month tours and can bring dependants along. Each tour is served in one of nine regions.

The MSG school is led by McNeely, who holds five class sessions per year training more than 450 Marines.

Picking up with 120 Marines on Oct 22, MSG began a new cycle of training.

Among these students are Lance Cpl. Richard M. Kennedy,

Cpl. Nathan E. Diezman, Cpl. Randall W. Conner Jr, Cpl. Stephen A. Price, Cpl. Issac Relayze.

‘‘I want to enjoy my time in the Marine Corps and open myself up to new culture,” said Relayze about his reason for joining.

For more information about MSG school, contact Gunnery Sgt. Drew Pate at [email protected] or call 703-784-4861.

Editor’s note: This is the first of a six part series in which we will explore the MSG school.