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From USMC website:

Marines are first to fight because of their culture and because they maintain a forward-deployed presence near various global hotspots. The Marine Corps' forward presence consists of multiple Marine Expeditionary Units, or MEUs. MEUs spend at least six months training for a variety of amphibious operations before they are deployed. Then, for six months at a time, Marine Expeditionary Units embark upon United States Navy warships and prepare to launch a range of missions—from humanitarian and peacekeeping missions to full-scale combat engagements, on extremely short notice. Few have what it takes to become Marines, but now many have the opportunity to delve into the training and mindset of these elite, prepared warriors. This behind-the-scenes glimpse of an actual MEU training exercise reveals what it takes to maintain this constant state of readiness. You've heard of their "First to Fight" reputation. Now see them earn it.

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